Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's not goodbye, just see you soon.

I'm sitting here trying to focus on finishing my second final, but for some reason I can't seem to focus. I''m thinking about how much my life is about to just a short period of one week, my life is going to be competely different.

Here are a few reasons why: I'm approaching my last semester of college... and honestly, I'm terrified.

I'm moving home...which will definitly prove to be an interesting adventure. (If you need to know the reasons why let me know and I'll tell you)

And lastly, two of my really good friends are leaving. (Amanda Parker and Janelle Bertagnole).
I was talking with my dad the other day and he was talking about my dying dog. He mentioned that he "loved very deeply and passionately". I have thought about this so much lately and have realized that this is a quality I have inherited from my dad which makes change extremely hard form me... especially when it involves people that I LOVE so much.

Amanda has accepted a job and is moving to Fargo. My time working with her will be over with after tomorrow. I will miss definitely miss it and her so much! Love you Amander.

And Janelle is going on a mission. My emotions are on the surface as I think about what is happening... and I hate this because I hate crying. But for the past three and a half years Janelle has been my best friend (she always will be my best friend). We have created so many unforgettable memories together. I'm sure she gets sick of me saying this but I owe her so much. She has influenced my life in a way that no one else has or ever will. My Father in Heaven truely knew what he was doing when he put me in Kimball hall in 2006. I will be forever grateful for my eternal relationship with J. I love you Janelle.
Now to those who will be around me the next two weeks, I apoligize as the tears most likely will be falling frequently.

I hope this post isn't too emo, I just wanted to express my feelings. I promise I have an extremely exciting post coming up (J... you know what I'm talking about).

Thank you for listening.

All my love,