Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures are worth a Thousand Words

I prefer describing my life in pictures rather than words. They can show more and you don't have to spend hours reading about my life. Most of these are documenting my summer, starting in June.
(Sorry for the length of this post, and probably boringness)
My Dad had surgery in the middle of May. This is him and my second dad John Horn taking a ride in John's hot new ride.

Amanda and I attempting to make amazing cupcakes. Don't worry, we'll master it soon.

Hanging out with Amanda (and Rubio of course) is one of my favorite activities that I have been a part of this summer. I love them.

I made Janelle pose in fornt of the Ferris Wheel. I think Ferris Wheel's make great pictures. I think Janelle makes a great picture. So together you get to see the amazingness that is 'Janelle in front of the Ferris Wheel'. I love her.

Because of Amanda's rocking awesomeness I got to go to the Yanni concert. This is us waiting for the concert to start.

The man, Yanni.

We had the privilege of meeting the Yanni Voices. This is my former future husband Nathan Pacheco.

This is a funny moment that was pointed out to me while we were going through the drive through at Taco Bell.

Hanging out with Janelle and Jimmy is another one of my favorite summer pastimes.

Janelle and her new ride.

I also have had the privilege of celebrating Janelle's 21st birthday with her.

Amanda, Megan and I got to go see Good Things Utah. I love seeing my good friend Angie Larsen on there. When Angie came in she came over to say hi to me, after she went over to wait for the filming of the show to start the lady sitting behind me asked, "How do you know Angie, Did you guys go to high school together?" I hope when I am Angie's age i can look as good as she does.
There are many other things not pictured here that havev been highlights in my summer which include, hanging out with my family, watching movies with Chelsea, soda runs with Amanda.
Until next time.......................

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A whole new world

Inspired by numerous people, and partial boredom for the current moment I have decided to take a plunge into the blogging world. Not that my life is interesting, nor do i think people will read it but here goes. But tomorrow is June 12... which means the day has finally come that analog TV will no longer exist. This also means work will be crazy tomorrow. AKA old people wondering why they can no longer get KBYU....

Today I went to the dentist to have some work done on my teeth. They numbed the entire right side of my mouth. By request from my good friend Amanda I took some pictures because of the hilarity of the situation. Maybe i'll post them... but i probably won't.