Friday, July 31, 2009

A lot of Nothing

I've been told I need to blog, however, I am not quite sure what I should blog about.
I live a pretty normal and boring life and to make it worse I have not taken any pictures lately, which will make this post even more boring.
Here are some happenings:
1. Work has been pretty entertaining lately, mostly because I work with some hilarious people. I could tell you what has been going on but I would just bore you with the details, so i'll spare you (and probably spare myself of the embarrassment)
2. I am going to Idaho with the fam next week. I'm so looking forward to spending time with the fam but to be honest I'd rather stay here... I'm not looking forward to going to Idaho, although it is gorgeous. This is what Idaho looks like in the winter.

3. I had a hilarious day on Wednesday. Janelle and I went and got pedicures(which was especially funny after watching the Anjelah Johnson video) ... well pretty much we are hilarious I had such a great time. Love her to death
4. Today Amanda and I went on our daily soda run and the lady there has come to recognize us which i think is funny. The worker (who hates her job... Amanda.. you're probably the only one who gets this) said, "You guys aren't getting refills today?" I thought it was pretty funny.
5. I still really want to go on a road trip. We are tentatively planning on going to Vegas the weekend after I get back from Idaho. I hope we end up going.

6. Also I have been getting tired of my music so I am just wondering if any of you who read my blog have any suggestions of some good music to listen to?
I don't know what else to say.... so i guess the madness ends here. (at least for today)

Monday, July 13, 2009

5 things you never wanted to know about me

1. I like my food to be really hot. If it doesn’t burn my tongue it’s probably not hot enough

2. I’m obsessed with the ocean and the beach, mostly water in general… I love pretty much anything that has to do with water. (I think I was meant to be born by an ocean… apparently my parents didn’t get the memo…jk) and i really want to learn how to surf.

3. I want to go on a road trip…any takers?

4. Someday I really want to do a triathlon and eventually a marathon… yes I know I have a looooooooong ways to go.

5. I really like the number 5… don’t really know why

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How do you make Millions?

So recently Amanda and I have been trying to come up with a way to get 300 Million Dollars. (We have a lot of ambitions, dreams and goals to finance).
We've come up with a few options, but I'm looking from ideas from you.

Can you give me some suggestions of ways to get $300 million?