Saturday, August 22, 2009

It has been awhile

I guess it's time to get one last post in before school starts (aka one last post before Christmas). The last few weeks have been interstesting... to say the least. Not necessarily good interesting all the time... but you know that's alright, that's part of life.

I want to say thanks to my AMAZING roommates. I love you Janelle and Chelsea so much.

I also want to say that I work with some SUPER AWESOME people who make work so awesome.(this includes you Ash) You guys know who you are... so thanks!

Thank you also to my amazing family! Ok so school starts next week. And if you are wondering I am not looking forward to it. I am so scared. But I guess that's part of life. I went to Idaho with the fam for a few short days (trip got cut short).

Last night I hung out with the former roommates. And then today Kaela and I went to the ZOO! It was so hot but still so fun.

Last but not least! AMANDA COMES HOME TOMORROW! :)

(I'll be adding pictures to this post as soon as I have my camera with me)