Sunday, January 31, 2010

When using flags to cross the street...

So I have crossed the streets of Provo... MANY times, yet until last week I have neglected to read the sign that teaches you how to cross the street. I thought it was hilarious... let me know what you think...

ps... if you were wondering (and Janelle can confirm this) i do NOT cross the streets using flags

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Since we last talked

Alright's an update of the happenings in my life. (sorry they're not that exciting)
Suzanne...I'm sorry that it probably live up to the hype.
School: This semester of classes is rough... especially econ, finance and my capstone class. But I'm really excited for my capstone class. I'm excited to work with TSD Ink. again, we work so well together. I think we are going to have some great ideas for our client (Central Utah Water Conservancy District). Econ and Finance... I'm not excited about.

Work: Work is great... as always. However it is super busy. I always have so much to do. I have taken on some new responsibilities and new tasks and I love it. I'm so grateful for the opportuniites BYU Broadcasting is providing me.

Family: Everyone has been a little under the weather lately but hopefully that will change this week. I'm grateful for a fantastic family (I have the best).

Church: I just got called to work with the scouts in my ward. This should be an exciting calling for me. It will be a new adventure as well... since I did not grow up with brothers I will be learning a lot. I've also been thinking how blessed I am lately. Since I drive a lot I have the opportunity to reflect on my life a lot. As I have looked back I've realized how much the Lord truely has blessed me. I'll go in to more detail about this on a separate blog post... it's worth making an entire post about.

Friends: It is safe to say that I have the best friends in this whole world. I am grateful for every single one of you. Each of you have blessed me in such a unique way. I'm still missing Janelle a lot, but I'm grateful for the opportunities I have to talk with her, thanks J for being my best bud. I'm grateful for all my work friends and my school friends, especially my PR Friends (which obviously includes TSD). I'm grateful for those friends I have in the Draper 7th ward. You guys rock. I'd also like to give a shout out to one of my best friends Donna Horn, she'll never know how big of an impact she has had on my life. Also to Chels... I've had so much fun being a part of planning your wedding. I am so excited for you and grateful for you.

Sports: I love sports and they keep distracting me from doing the things I should be doing (homework and studying)
One More Thing: I really want to go to the Sundance Film Festival this week. Would anybody want to come?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fast & Furious

Friday night...driving down state (in Orem). Cars traveling together. License plates that say "fushibi and trkdout" drive continues. Cars racing. One car turns into gas station, then another then another, then another, and another, until there were 29 in all.

One month later. driving past Macy's. Cars spotted. take a drive down state, cars traveiling together... well you get the idea.

If you were wondering, yes Janelle and I were in a movie and yes it is going to be titled, "Fast and Furious V.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Stay Tuned

Please stay tuned (into my blog that is). I have a lot to update you on...