Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So as most of you probably know(or don't know)... one of my real hobbies is photography. One day I hope to take some photography classes so I can actually be at least a little good at photography. Right now I stink but hopefully i will get better. Anyways the last week I have taken a few photos. Just for fun I'll put them on here. Janelle and I went to the Salt Flats on Saturday, it was a nice long drive but it produced some cool pictures. Then today we went up to the Canyon. We didn't have much time today to take pictures so hopefully we will have the chance to do it again before the leaves completely die. So here are some pictures of our extravaganza. *A special thanks to Janelle for coming with me and for letting me take pictures of her, and for being such a great friend!* Also she doesn't know this but a special thanks to Kalli (yes I read your blog all the time) for the idea of going to the Salt Flats to take pictures.

I love going up to Sundance! It's so gorgeous up there.
Welcome to the Salt Flats! :)

This one is Great!
I think this one is my favorite picture.

This picture would be even better if the truck wasn't in the background.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


So time for a little update..

I just realized how boring my blog posts are... please i am open for suggestions and ideas. Although there are not many major things that go on in my life that are really blog worthy.

However, to my readers out there (obviously you know who you are) What can I do to improve "the blog".


school: I failed my first test today... seems to be the story of my life, oh well. Other than that just really busy. The pitch packet is due on Monday for my PR class. I hope that I can do well on the assignment.

work: still love the job. love the co-workers. They are the best. But nothing too terribly exciting is going on. However with general conference coming up this weekend work next beek will be extremely CRAZY.

family: right now father is in Long Beach for work... I wish I was with him, but school got in the way. mother is sick... hopefully she gets better soon. Megan is doing well, we got to have a sleepover at my apartment two nights ago. Emily has been sick as well. I think/hope she is starting to feel better.

friends: To my great friends of all ages you know who you are (and most of you don't read this but I love you anyways). I love you.

other: I am looking forward to General Conference this weekend. I love the changing leaves on the trees, but I hate the cold. I am not looking forward to winter and the snow.

entertainment: please visit if you would like to laugh.

until next time...